The Journey of June in Pictures

Two different teams came from America in the month of June! Oh, what a blessing they were to have here in Mada for His name sake!
They were faithful to help lead and teach the seminary classes that were held for a week in the city of Fort Dauphin. This is a picture of all the pastors, preachers and leaders that were a part of the seminary that week. Most of them traveled from rural areas, very far away, to learn!


It was such a joy and privilege to go out into the bush (rural areas) with the team to share the gospel and to share our testimonies with the people! Continue to pray for the ones that responded to follow Jesus to be discipled and to grow in their walk with the Lord! Praise the Lord!


Chris turned 33 and we had a blast celebrating!
The leaders within our local church being recognized for Father’s Day.
This is one amazing, Spirit-filled lady! Cecilia is our local church pastor’s wife. She taught Anna how to buy a live chicken from the market and to be able to eat with your family within a few hours lol. Woah, what a learning experience!
She was so patient with Anna while she learned to defeather :).
Madagascar’s Independence Day is June 26th! It’s the countries most widely celebrated holiday!

Celebrating the night before with dinner at our language teachers’ home and fireworks!

Our amazing team leaders and their beautiful family!
We went on a field trip with the boys to Cascade Mountain! God is such a good God to create such beautiful places!

We memorized our first Bible verse in Tanosy! Language study continues!!
So, what is this little blister? This is a picture of Noah’s little foot when we spotted a sand flea had laid an egg in his foot. This is common here in Madagascar. Why would I put this in our blog? Because in little less than an hour of finding one in his foot and Titus’ foot, our amazing yard worker had removed both of them, Noah and Titus survived while eating some m&ms, and God once again showed us that He sees us and is faithful in the good times and the not so fun times when there is a worm in your foot. 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Journey of June in Pictures

  1. Love you Anna! Loved seeing all your smiling faces!!! Such a beautiful update!

    On Mon, Jul 8, 2019 at 4:12 AM Garduce Mada Adventures wrote:

    > chrisannagarduce posted: ” Celebrating the night before with dinner at > our language teachers’ home and fireworks! ” >


  2. I get so excited and encouraged each time I read one of your posts. God is such an amazing and wonderful God! What was the first Bible verse you learn?


  3. Praise and prayers for you all from McCormick, SC. May God continue to bless the work you are doing and keep you safe. Thank you so much for sharing and for the beautiful pictures. We keep your IBM card on our refrigerator to remember to pray for you. Happy Belated Birthday to you, Chris!

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